Stellar Lumens Course – Development – Forecast

The network was launched in 2014, the Stellar was renamed the Lumen in 2015, when major improvements were made to the system. But it was only in the last few months that the coin really took off. On 10 December 2017, the Lumens share price reached 13th place. The remarkable thing about this development is its rapid rise: within the last year, the coin increased by more than 6,000%. This is certainly not only due to the unique network and the blockchain technology.

One reason for the strong rise in the share price could be the cooperation with IBM and KlickEx. IBM is an American IT company, while KlickEx is a Polynesian company that handles electronic payments of smaller amounts between the Pacific region, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Both companies are particularly interested in the technology and services that Stellars Blockchain offers. They benefit from cross-border payments that can also be processed in seconds. The implementation of this technology could lead to a profound change in the South Pacific. If the technology were to meet its requirements and be deployed globally, it would have far-reaching consequences for the global economy.

Even before this cooperation became known, the share price rose well, while it fell slightly in the summer of 2017. Starting in October, the month of the announcement, the price rose significantly and moved higher during the crypto currency boom in December. Only now have many traders become aware of the virtual currency, which boosted Stellar Lumens Coin’s positive development. How the rate will behave in 2018, however, is difficult to say. For all crypto currencies, some assume a damper for the spring of 2018, a few even report a crash of the bubble. In this case, the price of lumens would not behave differently from other crypto currencies. However, the potential of the crypto currency has been demonstrated.

How does the Bitcoin trader network work?

The Bitcoin trader network consists of different servers that share a ledger. This ledger is basically the Stellar Wallet, which has its own wallet on which lumens and assets are stored. Only this wallet is located on each server. The Bitcoin trader communicate with each other, which is why the same version of the wallet is located on each of the computers. They check each other to make sure that the transactions are being carried out in the right way. This system is referred to as “consensus” and is also responsible for ensuring that the transactions take place so quickly. On the ledger, money is left as a credit note, which is called an anchor. This anchor represents the bridge between different currencies and the network.

Why a native asset?
The native asset of the network is the lumen. The lumens are called assets because they are the money of the network. Are they native because they are an integral part of the mechanisms of the network. Without them the mechanisms of the network do not run, the transactions cannot be carried out and until a user has a certain number of lumens, he cannot participate in the transactions. This serves to prevent spam transactions and to protect the system against attacks. In the case of spam attacks, spammers would try to overload the system with a myriad of transactions by using up space in the ledger.

Where can I get the Bitcoin profit?

If you want to buy Stellar Lumens Coin, you must first download software for the wallet. This will be installed on your own hard drive. Then the lumens have to be exchanged for another crypto currency. In order to buy stellar-lumens coins, you can, for example, first buy Bitcoin and exchange it for one of the crypto exchanges. Some exchanges also offer alternative crypto currencies. For this you have to register on these exchanges and create an account. Find more about the Bitcoin profit on onlinebetrug. You should find out beforehand whether the stock exchanges also offer lumens. In any case, the purchased coins are stored on the specially installed wallet.

At the moment the business around the crypto currencies is booming and the Stellar Lumens are pulling along strongly. But this is certainly not only due to the hype about Bitcoin and Co. . The rapid increase in the past months after the announcement of the cooperation with IBM suggests something else. Namely that there is an enormous potential in this crypto currency.